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PRAKTIJK primaltherapie

Do you recognize yourself in this?

There are many ways you can get stuck in your life. Think for example of: gloomy thoughts or feelings, the feeling that you cannot manage your life any more, self-mutilation, sleeping problems and nightmares, depression or a total lack of feeling.

Or maybe you cannot succeed in starting (intimate) relationships. Or perhaps you are always so scared: afraid to go out on the street, afraid that other people will reject you, afraid that you will suffer to some illness, scared of getting fat, etc.
Perhaps you want to make a move in your job or private life at long last, but you donít dare or you donít know howÖ.

All these situations have one thing in common: you would like them all to be different, and you cannot understand why you donít succeed in changing them. But, although you are not conscious of it,  it is yourpain that drives you. And it is that painthat makes you react the way you are reacting.

If you really want to change, and if you really want to take your own life in your own hands instead of letting other people dictate your life, then you have no other choice but to face your pain and feel it.

Only by going through the pain you will be able to release it and to become who you really are. Primal Therapy helps you  in this process. This therapy is based on the Primal Theory as developed by dr. Arthur Janov in the second half of the 20th century.